Friday, February 26, 2010

For the last week I've been sick and not felt up to doing much toward writing or even much toward living and doing my regular stuff as a mom of 4, and a wife of 1.
I have been able to read however. I've devoured 6 books in the last week since I got them at the library for a grand total of 2,502 pages. Man were they delicious.

I have discovered lately though, that ever since I started seriously writing, I've noticed a change in my reading.
I've noticed errors in published books, like some small punctuation, or an extra word thrown in that may have been missed in the many edits and revisions that writers, and editors do. It gives me a bit of hope to know that other writers are just regular people too.
I also notice things more than just the story. I look at descriptions, the way the words make me feel, how much dialogue there is compared to another book I've read, whether I like first person or third person point of view. I still love to read and escape into another world, but I think I have a little bit of understanding of how much reading agents and editors do and how good something will have to be to catch their attention.
Got lots of work to do.

I'll sure enjoy doing more "reading" research for improving my craft. See how others do it, and how to make mine work too.

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