Saturday, March 27, 2010

Read the types of books you want to write.

I have been told from many different sources to read the types of books you are wanting to write. Get a feel for what is out there. See how other writers did it. Learn how to do it by seeing how it was done.
There are many books out there I've read, just because I happened to come across them in the Young adult section of the library.
Other books have been suggested to me by others who have read them.

Many times a best seller was enjoyable to me, but I have loved others that weren't nearly so popular. I do think having others recommend a book is a good thing, but I can't tell you how many times I've been disappointed by something because it didn't meet the expectations I had from the glowing praise given it. Kind of like movies that same way I guess.

I also know the kinds of books I have loved and told others to read, haven't met their expectations. There are so many opinions on books. Good thing there are so many books out there. At least each one should be loved by at least one person.

But I must say I really love the "research" part of this writing business. I can't wait to open another book to read while I "research" how that author crafted their story.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Critique groups ROCK!

I participated in my first critique group last night. It was so nice to get input and suggestions from other writers.
I love having other people who know what I am going through as a writer "get" what I'm talking about when I say that certain things were hard or easy for me to write.
And its great to get input from others on what they notice about my work that needs help because I'm so close to my story I don't see it as individual words any more.
So I must say again. Having a critique group is wonderful. So many different viewpoints really helps.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

So many ideas. So little writing time.

I have so many ideas going on in my head. All of them have great potential. But I just got a new one that I want to run with instead of my other ones.

How do I choose. I'm writing down all the ideas that come to me as I get them so if one doesn't work, then I have a few others to play with. It is definitely hard to choose which one to spend my time on.

Revise my first?
Work on my middle grade?
Work on my end of world fantasy?
Start my contemporary fantasy?

How about all of the above at different times depending on my mood.
Multi tasking is where its at, but I hope I can multi task and get at least something done.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Old BABIES and New BABIES (babies=words)

So I'm trying to get more informed about my blog. I've added a few things and tried to add a picture to it. I can't figure out how to make a picture show up on the blogs I've become a follower of. If anyone out there knows how to do it, I'd sure love some instruction.

My ideas have been churning in my mind and I'm getting excited to flush them out onto my page. It is so fun to create something new. Makes you feel proud and brilliant.
Kind of like a new mom.

Then when people tell you your work isn't so good, you get a little angry at them. Of course no one will love your babies like you do. (Babies referring to your words. every single one of them.) Some will even tell you to kill your babies (words) or cut them apart, or find whole new ones and throw away the first ones. I'll always love those first babies, but I'm now understanding that some of those babies need work. Not because they are completely bad, but as a new parent (writer) I sure didn't know how to shape them to their very best. But with work and patience, I can mold them into better words.

Now I'm looking forward to producing and giving birth to new babies. LOTS AND LOTS of them.