Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Moving on to the next project is hard.

I've been trying to write. I really have. I started on a new project so I could let my first project sit and simmer while I'm waiting for responses from some agents I've queried. But I can't leave the first one alone.
When I finished it in October, I spent a week or more going over it and over it making sure I didn't have any errors that were so obvious it would prove me to be a lousy writer. I found a handful, fixed them, read it again, fixed some more, then again and got so tired of my story I didn't want to read it again for awhile So I put my pride in my pocket and queried away.

Got lots of rejections, enjoyed the holidays, and ignored my story for 2 months. When I came back to it in January, I read it again with fresh eyes. At times and in parts of the story I alternated between really loving it and knowing that I'm a genius, to thinking who in their right mind would want to read this crap.
The crap parts were always the same, so I'm working on fixing them, but trying to do it slowly to make sure I don't take out any good parts.

I also have 3 or 4 other story ideas I've been toying with, and one I've actually started on not to mention the sequels that could follow my first, because it could definitely be extended. But as I get going on the one I've decided to work on, I keep wanting to switch to another idea and see where it goes, while at the same time wanting to focus all my attention on perfecting my first.
I've just got to get going on the second one I've begun and let the others flow when the time is right or I'll never get anything done.

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