Thursday, March 27, 2014

Book Cover Reveal

This looks like such a fun book and I'm excited to share the cover with you. Can't wait til it comes out in April. Watch for it. 

Trifecta Books is proud to announce a fun YA urban fantasy by author Jaclyn Weist—The Princess and the Prom Queen.

Jenny’s had it with her life. Six siblings in an overstuffed house are enough to drive anyone crazy, and sometimes she dreams of escaping to some fantasy world. When she suddenly wakes up to find herself being kissed by a strange—but very handsome—prince, Jenny knows her life just got a lot more exciting. Now stuck in a medieval land of castles and royalty, when Jenny learns that the queen has agreed to marry her off to the prince, it’s time to take matters into her own hands. She goes on a quest to find out who dragged her to this time while trying to keep from falling in love with either of the boys vying for her attention.

Princess Genevieve has only known life under her mother’s rule. She wants to do more than go to battle or deal with suitors. She wakes to find herself in a new world filled with gadgets, electricity, and moving carriages. She finally has the freedom to be who she wants to be with a family who cares deeply for her and a boy worth any sacrifice. It’s more than everything she always wanted. 

As Jenny and Genevieve settle into their new lives, they face an unknown evil which threatens everything they care about and makes them face tough questions—like who they are and what they really want their lives to become.

The Princess and the Prom Queen will be available on Kindle April 29th, 2014, with print to follow shortly. You are invited to attend the online launch party on Facebook by clicking here at 7:00 pm on that day.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

WonHundred Word Wednesdays

"You are on a crowded subway platform when you see a familiar face"

This is something new I'm trying with some friends. We call it Wonhundred Word Wednesdays. Each Wednesday we'll post a 100 word story with a different writing prompt. Everyone is welcome to follow the links below to see the way different people can interpret the same opening.

We hope you have as much fun with this as we will. 

Here's mine.

The crowd pushes me. I keep my head down. Can’t take the chance I’ll be seen. The train’s late and the crowd’s antsy. I want to push them all down and take off running, but I can’t chance it. I must blend in.
The train pulls up. I’m almost there. I’ll never come back. Nothing’s left for me besides prison. It wasn’t my fault, but he doesn’t care. I glance furtively around as the wave of humans propels me onto the train. A relieved breath escapes me. A hand touches my shoulder and I turn to see him. I’m caught.

Now go see these other blogs to find out how other writers interpret the same writing prompt. :) Thanks for visiting. 

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Blog Tour with Krista Wayment

It's time to welcome a new book to the world.  TRUSTED book 1 of the Dragon's Trust series available March 27th

About the Book

Renick, the fifth son of a dragon breeder, crashes into an unexpected adventure that challenges everything he thought he knew about dragons, history, and himself.

Stranded in the massive Helath forest, Renick meets two other passengers: Thane, a noble training to be a dragon knight, and Lainey, the orphaned niece of a healer. Together they survive an attack by vicious wolves, rescue a baby dragon with a broken wing, and escape from a band of dragon hunters as they make a perilous climb into the mountains. What they discover there will change everything.

I had a chance to read an Advanced Reader Copy and it was lots of fun. Very well thought out plot and world. The characters are lovable and the baby dragon makes me want to have one of my own. I'd highly recommend this book to anyone who likes dragons and fantasy, young or old. 

About the Author

Krista Wayment has been making up stories since she learned to talk. Writing naturally grew out of that. Krista is an avid Fantasy and Science Fiction fan, and a total nerd. She is also a software engineer and loves playing video games. Although, curling up with a good book is still one of her favorite past times.

Find her on Goodreads HERE 

If I could pick my colored dragon, I'd pick green. Cause green's my favorite color. :)  What color would you pick for a dragon?

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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Want a shot at a pot of gold? (Amazon gift card?)

Twist of Luck Blog Tour  Available as of March 1st 2014

I had a chance to read this book early on and I really enjoyed it. So to celebrate its release, we're doing a blog tour. 

Every day a different blog will post a question. When you find the answer, send an email to her at:
She will draw a winner each day from those that got it correct. You can find the answers on Wikipedia. Or if it's a question from the first book and you haven't read it, I have a hint on this post. So it's really easy to enter.
The answers will also be posted the next day on the next blog in the tour, along with the next trivia question. Some questions deal with colors of the rainbow. Other questions deal with leprechauns. And, of course, at the end of the rainbow, there's a pot of gold. In that pot of gold will be an Amazon gift card! 
Those that answer questions by sending her an email will be entered to win the gift card on the last day. Even if you miss some of the day's questions, you still have a shot! 

And don't forget to purchase a copy of book one, Stolen Luck. The great news is that it's $.99 right now! That link is hereGood luck!!

Yesterday's Answer: Leprechauns repair and make shoes. They can't stand to see shoes that are in need of repair. 

Today's Question: What color of paint did Megan pick out? Even though it may not have been what she ended up with.
The prize:  An e-copy of my book. Eye On Orion  
Check it out on Amazon HERE 
Barnes and Noble HERE

About Twist of Luck: 

Megan finally has her luck back and hopes that life will return to normal. Unfortunately, the magical world has other plans. Suddenly, she find she has fairies following her to provide security, dragons become a constant threat, and an imp tracks her every move. As if that wasnt enough, her luck begins to manifest itself in ways she could never imagine.

About Jaclyn:
Jaclyn is an Idaho farm girl who grew up loving to read. She developed a love for writing as a senior in high school, when her dad jokingly said she was the next Dr. Seuss (not even close but very sweet). She met her husband, Steve at BYU and they have six happy, crazy children that encourage her writing. After owning a bookstore and running away to have adventures in Australia, they settled back down in their home in Utah. Jaclyn now spends her days herding her kids to various activities and trying to remember what she was supposed to do next.

Find the book on Amazon HERE
and Barnes and Noble HERE

Find the answer and tomorrow's question at:

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Dan Wells

Hi! I'm Dan Wells, author of the Partials Sequence, and I'm very excited to tell you that today is my birthday! Woohoo! And because it's my birthday, I want to ask you a small favor:

Contribute to charity.

The post-apocalyptic world of Partials is fun to read about, in part, because of how desolate it is: the characters live in a wasteland, scavenge desperately for food and clean water, have virtually no electricity, and live in constant fear of disease, bad weather, vicious criminals, and marauding bands of enemy soldiers. The horrifying, inescapable truth is that this is not science fiction: there are millions of people, all over the world, who live in conditions even worse than these every day of their lives--people who would look at the deadly world of Partials as an absolute paradise. Kira, my main character, has dedicated her life to helping other people. We have the power and the opportunity to do the same, and I think that gives us a responsibility to step up and do it.

Yes, I have a book coming out next week, and yes, I'd love it if you'd buy a copy. I'd love it even more if you'd buy two copies and give one to a friend. But you know what? I don't need your money. I have a house, and food, and clothes, and running water, and wireless Internet, and really when you think about it I'm incredibly, amazingly blessed. Not only do I have a job, I love my job, and if times get tight I can just write more books, which is what I want to do with my time anyway. So don't worry about me. Take the money you would have spent on my book and give it to someone who really needs it--someone who's trying to fight hunger, or cure a disease, or overcome poverty and poor education. If you can afford to both buy my book AND contribute to a charity, take a moment to consider how amazing that is. That puts you at a level of disposable income most people in the world can only dream about. You have the power to make an incredible difference. Don't waste it.

I've listed some awesome charities here, or you can pick your own:

Vitamin Angels  Click HERE  
- Give life-saving vitamins and other care to pregnant women, new mothers, and children under five. Kira would be proud.

Heifer International Click HERE  
- Fight hunger and poverty through education, empowerment, and sustainable initiatives. This group is the very definition of "teaching a man to fish" instead of just giving him a fish and calling it a day.

Midwest Food Bank   Click HERE 
- Not all hunger is in other countries. This and other American charities are helping the people right under your nose, that most of us don't even see.

Project C.U.R.E.   Click HERE 
- The largest provider of donated medical supplies and equipment in the world.

Books For Africa  Click HERE  
- Literacy and education have a stronger long-term effect than literally any other charitable effort, bar none.

The Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law   Click HERE   

- Mental health is an issue particularly close to my heart. Mental disorders are common enough that I can pretty much guarantee everyone reading this has a relative or close friend who struggles with one. Help give them the rights, access, and dignity they deserve.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dan, and thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your words of wisdom and advice.

Here's his newest release. RUINS Book 3 in the Partials Sequence

Go to Dan's Amazon page to see the books he's got available:  AMAZON 
If you are a Nook fan, check him out on Barnes and Noble HERE
To find Dan's website, go HERE 
He's involved in one of my favorite podcasts for writers and other creative people. Go see Writing Excuses 

Overall, check Dan out and celebrate his birthday with him. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cover Reveal!

Are you ready for it?

Introducing Newtimber: Fractured, an exciting YA urban fantasy novel by Karen E. Hoover, author of The Wolfchild Saga and others.

There was absolutely no way a black dragon hovered outside of Newtimber. Sianna rubbed her eyes, but the dragon was still there, clutching a round object that looked like a spotted egg. And then the egg fell, hitting the ground like an atomic bomb, sending out waves of a slow-moving fog that distorted everything it touched.

The citizens of Newtimber change. The old man down the street stretches into a screaming tree. Sianna’s skateboarding friend, Matt, transforms into a giant green dragon. Pegasus. Sirens. Griffins. Vampires. Zombies. Creatures from the myths of every culture come to life through the people.

Even Sianna changes, her skin becoming stone hard, and she gains the ability to travel from the human realm into the dimension of the fae, using it to free her father from prison and enlist his aid in battling the evil bent on taking over the world.

One person to heal a family, a town, and save the world. It seems an impossible task, but with the help of her new friends, it could happen.


Newtimber: Fractured will be released early summer 2014 by Trifecta Books. Visit for exciting updates about this great new series!