Thursday, June 21, 2012

So much going on.

Do you ever experience so much going on in your life, you just can't fit it all in? Of course you do. We only have so much time in each day and we have to use that time wisely.

I of course haven't been using my time all that wisely some days, but others, I'm right on top of it. I would like to promise to get my little tail in gear and make consistent post to this blog, but I will probably not. I'll do more than I've done in the last month, (see, I'm already doing more.)

I have been working on my writing. Switched from 1st person narration to 3rd person. I think it's helping the manuscript. I've also decided to go back to a previous story and spruse it up a little so it can be out in the world getting looked at, probably rejected, and possibly requested while I continue writing.

And when I'm not actually typing at the computer, I'm networking... (hey, facebook is networking) I've also had ideas and plots, and story lines running through my mind. Reading other books is very important as well.  Currently, I'm reading the Fablehaven series to my kids. Brandon Mull was a genious. I'm reading Brandon Sanderson's Warbreaker to myself. I've read free books I've gotten on the kindle app, and doing some editing and beta reading for my writing buddies.

It's a fun journey and I do stop the writing to take advantage of the precious time I have with my young children. I realize that I might not get published as quickly as another writer, but I'm okay with that. I still think my kids and husband are more important than my writing. Don't get me wrong. I still am very selfish about my writing, but only to the point where I don't let it consume my life. Just part of it.

How do you do it all?