Friday, February 28, 2014

I got to guest post on

I have another first in my journey as an author.

I was asked to do a guest post on the official Author's Think Tank blog.

I’m brand new in this world.
I’ve been a “writer” officially for just over five years. That’s when I decided that the little writing assignments for a class to renew my teaching license weren’t cutting it for me. A simple five page story turned into a two hundred plus page story. And it was awesome! To write. The finished result was very far from awesome, but the feeling of accomplishment when I completed that rough draft was beyond anything I’d felt before.
So of course after finishing it, I thought it would be a piece of cake to polish it up (read: double check for typos) and then send it out to a couple friends and family members to tell me how wonderful it was, and then look online to find a publishing house to get it ready for the world.
Yeah, I was that naïve.
To read the rest of the post check it out here.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

We get to take part in a cover reveal! And you can win a free ebook!

I get puzzle piece number 2!  So here's # 1 from before:

And here is # 2!

Can't wait to see the full thing. That dress is killing me.

If you want to help get the rest of the puzzle pieces follow these instructions. Thanks for playing.

Also, come back here and tell me you've participated and what you did and you'll be in the running to win an ebook of Spark of a Feudling by Wendy on the 19th.

This is Wendy's  first ever real cover reveal, and she's doing something special! We'll reveal the cover one piece at a time, but we have to complete tasks first and each blog will have a different piece

SO. The first task involves Wattpad. On Tuesday, she posted the entire prologue for The Spark of a Feudling. Once it gets to 100 reads, we'll post the first piece.

The second task also involves Wattpad--while you're there reading the prologue, give it a vote. Once it reaches 25 votes, we'll reveal the second piece. Then come back here to see!

Task 3 - 50 tweets about the cover reveal and release -please use hashtag #‎SparkofaFeudling

Task 4 - Get 50 shares on FB - again use hashtag #SparkofaFeudling 

Task 5 - 50 adds to Goodreads To Be Read list -

Task 6 - Get Wendy's Amazon author page to 100 likes (currently 87) -

Task 7 - Join in on the Feudlings Discussion event on Facebook - We would liketo get to 75 attendees.

Task 8 - Get 2000 likes for Wendy's FB page -

Task 9 - Get Wendy followers on Twitter - She has 847 we want 900.

The cover will totally be worth it. So help us out.

Don't forget to tell me you participated so you can be entered into the drawing for a copy of this book!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

What's on the agenda?

What's happening in my life?

Glad you asked. ;)

I'm being a mom to 5 kids and a wife to an awesome and very understanding, supportive husband.  I've got a book coming out this month.

Eye on Orion, published with Astraea Press.   I'm working on a sequel to that, as well as a series called Daimon High. I'm hoping to get the entire series finished before I start releasing them.

I'm also involved in a fun project with 5 other authors about the Lost City of Atlantis.  Check out our facebook page for that HERE.  My book will be about Exander and Talia, two mermaids who discover there is something wrong with the gates that lead from Atlantis to the surface world, and they have to figure out how to fix them.

I've got a fantasy completed, and I'm reviewing it and applying the suggestions from my fantastic critique group.  Then I will be pitching it to an agent from Tor at LDStorymakers conference. I'm excited and nervous about that.

And there is another fantasy that's halfway done, but sitting to the side while I work on these other projects. I'm attending 2 writers conferences so far this year, and doing a couple other writers retreats where I can just go write lots and lots of words. Such a blessing to be able to do that. See above comment about supportive husband.

Overall, I'm busy with writing, and trying to learn to balance my time as a human/mother/wife/individual and author.  Sometimes I succeed and get lots done, other times I fail, but overall, I'm making progress, and that seems to be just fine for me.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Book Review Rules of Engagement

What the books says for itself:

For Annemarie Whitted, her youngest sister’s engagement starts as a happy event, and ends as a slap in the face when she comes to the harsh realization that she’s a failure at relationships, a person in stasis. Annemarie is motivated and organized, a woman on a mission, and she’s getting married now.

Her Rules of Engagement ensure she’ll make the right choice, and her committee will find her potential eternal companions. She assigns the job to her closest sister, Lisa, and Lisa’s husband, Tanner. Of course, Tanner comes with baggage— his brother, Ben, Annemarie’s lifelong nemesis.

The war between the two of them gives a brand new meaning to Annemarie’s Rules of Engagement, and his presence isn’t helping her at all. Especially when he disapproves of her methods and questions every step she makes. Especially when their forced proximity makes each of them really see each other for the first time. Especially when she discovers that her heart has secret corners she never knew, and that the Rules might have been her biggest mistake of all.

What I have to say about it:

This was a pretty cute book. The characters were fun and lovable. I did wonder why Annemarie was so set on finding someone to marry, just because that's what good Mormon girls were supposed to do. She insisted on going about it in a way that matched her personality just right. And though I didn't agree with her personally on her motivations, I could believe Annemarie was doing it her way and she was fine with it. Ben was a cutie, and trying his best to be helpful in such unhelpful ways.

The way their relationship evolves from enemies to friends was organic and believable. And all those horrible dating experiences Annemarie goes through in the process of finding her eternal mate were fun and entertaining. It's a lighthearted story, that though silly, doesn't make light of a serious decision. Annemarie learns her way of finding an eternal companion might work, but will it really be what she wants in the end?  If you are looking for a clean romance, this is for you.

To buy it on Amazon click HERE
To buy it on Barnes and Noble click HERE

Author bio:
Amber Gilchrist lives in New Mexico with her husband and three children. She writes YA for upper teens, as well as LDS Romantic Comedies. She calls her lifetime of jumping from one job to another 'experience' for her books and not an inability to settle down. Amber loves mysteries and a good, happy romance. She also loves to laugh. Sometimes she likes all of them together.
A fan of quirky movies and indie books, Amber likes to be with her family, is socially inept, and fears strangers and small yippy dogs. She alternates between writing and being a mom and wife. She tries to do both at the same time but her kids don't appreciate being served lunch and told, "This is the hot dog of your discontent." So mostly she writes when everyone else is in bed.
Amber loves to hear from readers and can be reached at
If you would like to be added to her newsletter please email your address to be notified about future releases and events.

To learn more about Amber, check out these links.

Author Website
Amber's facebook page
Amber's Amazon Author page

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I have a book coming out soon

I don't know why I haven't been screaming this here yet, but I guess I'd have to say I've been trying to figure out what to say.

I have a Young Adult Sci-fi coming out from Astraea Press on February 25, 2014.  It's been so fun seeing it go from a rough draft nearly 5 years ago, to polished and ready to meet the world.

In that time since I started writing in 2009 til now, I've managed to write 5 full length novels, and have 2 more in progress, (about 1/2 way through) and a couple more brainstormed and notes on. Writing has gone from a hobby, to a career. And while I own the title of Author now and will wear it proudly, I am first and foremost a wife and mother. Blending those responsibilities sure require some flexibility and there is always going to be some give and take in all areas of life, but I'm sure excited to see where this journey takes me.