Wednesday, April 9, 2014

WonHundred Word Wednesday

As a reminder, a handful of writer friends take a prompt and write a very short story of 100 words. The links to the other blogs are at the bottom. Feel free to go visit theirs and if you wanted to write one in the comments using the same prompt I'd love to see it. 

My bachelor instinct had always led me true before. I blame it all on a pair of chocolate eyes. The twinkle of mystery caught my attention. I fought it hard at first, but she reeled me in like a hooked fish.

I swore I’d never settle down, but when she smiled at me, I wanted to be the main one to make her smile. When she sighed at my kisses, I swore no one else would have that joy. Now seeing her walk down the aisle to join me, I knew I had been right to follow my heart.

Now go see what the others have written. 

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