Friday, April 11, 2014

A new series


I've been fortunate to collaborate with 5 other authors on a fun new Middle Grade Fantasy.

It's about the lost city of Atlantis. And man has it been fun.  So far we've revealed 2 covers, and 4 more to go over the next 4 weeks. I'll share the first 2 here, and keep you posted on the others to follow.  Books are looking to be released July 2014


Thirteen-year-old merman Exander wants to leave Atlantis to mingle with the humans and explore the world above. Talia, his best friend, wishes she was a guardian of a gate leading to the surface. She'd keep those nasty humans out of her beloved city of Atlantis. When Talia accidentally short circuits a gate, Exander is trapped on the wrong side, getting a crash course in navigating the human world. As Talia fights to help Exander come home, she learns someone is closing the other gates, and it’s destroying the magic of Atlantis. If they can’t convince the magical creatures of the world to save the gates, the destruction of Atlantis will only be the beginning.

That's MY NAME.  Oh I can't tell you how fun it is to see your name on a book cover.


Thirteen-year-old Colin knew nothing of the magic world until he is bitten by a mischievous pixie. He meets thirteen-year-old Alleya on a secret website devoted to magical creatures. Before he knows it, Colin finds himself thrust into a whole new world.

Alleya has been hidden away from the rest of Atlantis because she’s half-mermaid, half-Atlantian. Her father tries to ease her boredom by getting her a computer and finally allowing her to go to school. She accidentally lets slip a dark secret —the gates to Atlantis are being shut and it's destroying magic. Alleya is exiled to Indiatlantis.
There, she learns mermaids are getting sick because of the lack of magic, and the tunnels are beginning to collapse. Together, Colin and Alleya must find a way to bring back the old magic and fight to save Atlantis.

Watch for more soon. 

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Book 3 is by Wendy Knight. Find her blog here.

Book 4 is Juli Caldwell.  Find her blog here

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