Friday, February 15, 2013

Book Review: Seeking Persephone by Sarah Eden

Here's what the book says for itself:

When Persephone Lancaster receives a marriage proposal from the ill-tempered Duke of Kielder, she refuses, and then reconsiders. The obscene sum of money he's offering Persephone would save her family from ruin. With her characteristic optimism, she travels to the far reaches of Northumberland to wed a greatly feared stranger. Lodged deep in a thick forest infested with wild dogs, the Duke's castle is as cold and forbidding as the Duke himself, a man with terrible scars on his body and his soul. But the Duke's steely determination to protect his heart at all costs is challenged by his growing attachment to his lovely and gentle bride. With caring persistence, Persephone attempts to pierce the Duke's armor and reach the man beneath. Yet he cannot tolerate such exposure, and his repeated rejections take their toll. But when grave danger arises, the Duke realizes he must face the risk of revealing his true feelings or lose the woman he cannot live without.
Here's what I have to say about it:

I LOVE it when a romance is clean and sweet and you are left wishing it wasn’t clean, but so relieved when it really is clean. Sarah Eden is a masterful writer and none of her plots are the same or feel forced.  This was such a cute book, and I wondered how on earth people back then did what they did, and why they would possibly consider marrying someone they had never met to save their family from ruin. It would never happen today, but by Sarah's wonderful storytelling, you can see how the characters would do just that. And still believe it was all logical.  The only thing I didn't really love in this story is the villain and the harm he caused seemed slightly odd. His retaliation seemed a little too mean for the offense given to him. But of course, he was a jerk, so they do those things right?
Persephone went through a lot, but held up really well. She was such a positive thinker and tried so hard that I was getting really irritated at Adam for not realizing how fortunate he really was sooner. I loved how Adam was a mean bear, but still had a soft spot, and his friend Harry is so awesome. (He's featured as the Hero in a follow-up book "Courting Miss Lancaster" and I absolutely recommend it too since Persephone and Adam are in it as well) See my review on it coming soon.
Wonderful book all around. Get it. You won't be disappointed.
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