Thursday, February 13, 2014

What's on the agenda?

What's happening in my life?

Glad you asked. ;)

I'm being a mom to 5 kids and a wife to an awesome and very understanding, supportive husband.  I've got a book coming out this month.

Eye on Orion, published with Astraea Press.   I'm working on a sequel to that, as well as a series called Daimon High. I'm hoping to get the entire series finished before I start releasing them.

I'm also involved in a fun project with 5 other authors about the Lost City of Atlantis.  Check out our facebook page for that HERE.  My book will be about Exander and Talia, two mermaids who discover there is something wrong with the gates that lead from Atlantis to the surface world, and they have to figure out how to fix them.

I've got a fantasy completed, and I'm reviewing it and applying the suggestions from my fantastic critique group.  Then I will be pitching it to an agent from Tor at LDStorymakers conference. I'm excited and nervous about that.

And there is another fantasy that's halfway done, but sitting to the side while I work on these other projects. I'm attending 2 writers conferences so far this year, and doing a couple other writers retreats where I can just go write lots and lots of words. Such a blessing to be able to do that. See above comment about supportive husband.

Overall, I'm busy with writing, and trying to learn to balance my time as a human/mother/wife/individual and author.  Sometimes I succeed and get lots done, other times I fail, but overall, I'm making progress, and that seems to be just fine for me.

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