Thursday, February 27, 2014

We get to take part in a cover reveal! And you can win a free ebook!

I get puzzle piece number 2!  So here's # 1 from before:

And here is # 2!

Can't wait to see the full thing. That dress is killing me.

If you want to help get the rest of the puzzle pieces follow these instructions. Thanks for playing.

Also, come back here and tell me you've participated and what you did and you'll be in the running to win an ebook of Spark of a Feudling by Wendy on the 19th.

This is Wendy's  first ever real cover reveal, and she's doing something special! We'll reveal the cover one piece at a time, but we have to complete tasks first and each blog will have a different piece

SO. The first task involves Wattpad. On Tuesday, she posted the entire prologue for The Spark of a Feudling. Once it gets to 100 reads, we'll post the first piece.

The second task also involves Wattpad--while you're there reading the prologue, give it a vote. Once it reaches 25 votes, we'll reveal the second piece. Then come back here to see!

Task 3 - 50 tweets about the cover reveal and release -please use hashtag #‎SparkofaFeudling

Task 4 - Get 50 shares on FB - again use hashtag #SparkofaFeudling 

Task 5 - 50 adds to Goodreads To Be Read list -

Task 6 - Get Wendy's Amazon author page to 100 likes (currently 87) -

Task 7 - Join in on the Feudlings Discussion event on Facebook - We would liketo get to 75 attendees.

Task 8 - Get 2000 likes for Wendy's FB page -

Task 9 - Get Wendy followers on Twitter - She has 847 we want 900.

The cover will totally be worth it. So help us out.

Don't forget to tell me you participated so you can be entered into the drawing for a copy of this book!


  1. tweeting, posting, reading, voting. :) Can't wait to see the rest.