Tuesday, January 4, 2011

WOW, so it has begun again. Another year, another round of goals and resolutions. I don't plan to do anything so silly as lose weight, infact, I plan to gain some. :) More on that later.

My goal for myself as a writer is to send out my finished manuscript. To do that, I must first send out awesome query letters and get fabulous agents interested in looking at my manuscript.

My second goal is to finish the project I have in the works. I'm figuring I'm about halfway done with it now, so I plan to get the first draft done by the end of February. To do that I must take the time to write in it every day, and instead of beating it to death after each chapter I write, I'm going to just write it out and finish the dang thing. Then I'll do some massive readings and edits and fix all the stuff that needs it.

I also have a goal to still be a sane person and make it so my husband who supports me in all this won't regret supporting me. I love that man.

So there it is. It's writen down for all the vast world to see. Those are my beginning writing goals this year. I'll add more as I get these done, but I think they are doable, and that is the first step in being successful. Pick something you can do.


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