Thursday, January 13, 2011

Where is my mind?

My mind is not on my manuscript that it should be on. Instead it is on the one I "finished" that I need to go over one more time and do some fixes that were suggested to me by a good friend who read my story.

I've got one of those dreaded sagging middles. Luckily, it is only about 2 chapters that need some help, and just a couple of things to tighten places up. But now I have to decide if I focus my creative energy on the old manuscript so I can get it ready to send out, or to work on my Work In Progress since I kind of have the idea of where to go on it. Plus my goal was to get it done by the end of February. Seriously, I should have time to do both of them if I'd organize my time better, but I sure do a lot of other "Important" things that take away from my writing time even though it is my special time I set asside just for me and writing.

HMMMM things to think about.

BUT I also want to work on a totally different thing that I had written the first chapter to about a year ago before I got the brilliant idea of the current WIP took over my mind.

Oh the horror. So many options and so much time and such a lazy me.

Gonna get on it right now. (as soon as I post this link to FB so I can have everyone know that I can't motivate myself to write.)

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  1. You stole my blog title! Or maybe I stole yours. I'm not sure.

    But yes, I have been having a similar problem of late. I should be working on my novel, which has actually been coming together quite nicely of late, but I have this short story that's calling to me. So instead I'm online, accomplishing neither. Go figure.

    I've found what works best for me--at least it makes me feel like I'm making progress--is to write a minimum 100 words a day. Even if I'm busy, or bored, or stuck, that's the requirement--100 words. It's not a lot. Usually I can pound it out in less than ten minutes. But it keeps me going, and, if my calculations are correct, writing just 100 words a day totals out to a whole novel every two years. And it's an effective way to beat writer's block, because you have to get 100 word out, no matter what. If you can't think of something to happen over the course of the next 100 words, you have to make something up.

    But if you’re like me, 100 words usually becomes something much longer. This comment, for example, is about 200 words.