Tuesday, September 28, 2010

An Awesome Writers Conference.

Awesome Awesome Awesome. It was my first writers conference ever, and I loved every minute of it. I learned so much in one day. I wish I could have been there for days and days and days. And the food was fabulous. Totally worth all the calories in it.

I took pages and pages of notes, and had such wonderful ideas and inspiration come to me and was so excited to come home and just write and write and write. But, I had to do some preserving of delicious jelly and juice and fruit. It took me days to do it all. And now this week, I've had a nasty head cold and have been trying to help my house recover from a week of neglect while I bottled grapes and peaches. So needless to say, I haven't written a thing. I've edited a little, but I haven't done much. And now in 2 days, I'm going to another 1 day writers conference and I'm hoping to get as much from it as I did the other one. And this time, when I come home, I'm going to make the time to write.

I should have taken the class offered in the first conference about how to fit writing into your busy life. I know the summer is harder for getting writing time, as well as the fall, but once winter hits, and we've got no place to go, I'm going to get at least 10 times as much done as I have lately.

I will. I promise. You check on me.

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  1. Cool cool... We will be watching for progress... ;)