Friday, January 28, 2011

Onward and hopefully Upward

Yesterday I crafted the best query letter I could, (I'd actually written it long before, but tightened it up and polished it til it shined) I corrected my synopsis, and made double sure my first chapter had absolutely no problems and then I did something scary.

I sent them out to AGENTS! Now I've been told that agents really are nice people and that I really want to have one of them on my side, helping me get my manuscript in the hands of the people in charge, but I must say it was a scary thing. I was pretty nervous about sending them since the last time I sent out my submissions resulted in all no's. I did get a few who said, Hmm, sounds interesting, please let me see some sample pages... To which I eagerly sent them. Then still came back as no thank you's but it was encouraging that I got to the next step of them requesting pages.

I have yet to have anyone request a full, but since I have spent the last year really improving this story, I'm hoping that this round will result in a few of those.

Who knows, I may even have someone say they like it. That is what I'm hoping for, but now that the submission process on Eye on Orion has begun, I'm really going to dig back into the next project. I've got a great idea for a fight scene with knives. Gonna go play with that.

Until next time.

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  1. Wow, I didn't know you had agents request pages. That's awesome!!! I'm struggling to get a write a good query. The first paragraph doesn't seem to be catchy enough...and it's hard to pitch fairies without everyone getting the wrong idea.
    This is all a very difficult process, of course you have butterflies!! ;)