Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So easily distracted.

Man it is too easy to get distracted from writing. I had a golden opportunity to spend some quality time with my laptop today. And I did. Except for I didn't do the revisions I had planned. Instead I watched some shows on Hulu. Love hulu by the way.

I have been changing one of my stories from 3rd person point of view to 1st person point of view. I believe it will really enhance the story, yet I've discovered it is difficult to change it since I did so much of it in 3rd person. I have to cut out whole sections, since my main character wasn't there to see what happened, but it is still fun to see things from her eyes, instead of from the eyes of an all knowing narrator.
So as I'm going, I start to think of something else, go research it, or go check email, or FB or other blogs, and then realize. Oh crap! I've only got a few more minutes before the kids get home from school, and then its homework time.
I really need to stay focused, but so far I've been able to return to my focus and do some more revisions. I'm halfway there, with the revision of 3 to 1, but then I have to write the rest of it from 1st Person and that will sure be fun. I know where I'm going with it at least.

I'll let you know when I get there.

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