Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Serpent in the Glass by D. M. Andrews

The Serpent in the Glass.
What the book has to say about itself.
On his eleventh birthday Thomas Farrell is informed that the deceased father he never knew has provided for his education at Darkledun Manor, a school for gifted children. Thomas, however, feels he's just an ordinary boy, but Darkledun Manor proves to be anything but an ordinary school...

In this work of fiction the reader is transported into a world of myth as the young protagonist, Thomas Farrell, seeks to understand who his mysterious father was, and why he left him a strange glass orb containing a serpent. As the story progresses, Thomas and his friends become increasing caught up in a world they never knew existed - a world beyond the standing stones.
What I have to say about it.
This was a very fun and pretty quick read. But it very much reminded me of Harry Potter. Almost to the point where lots of things seemed a bit of a knock off. The further I got into the story, the more original it became but that knock off feeling is the reason I didn't give it 5 stars.

Thomas is an orphan, raised by some uptight "English" parents. They do have a daughter Jessica that loves Thomas as if he were her real brother and they have a fun and kind relationship. When Thomas gets enrolled in Darkledun Manor he makes sure Jessica can come with. Thomas was given a glass marble type thing with a serpent that looks like a dragon suspended in it. This turns out to be a magical object that gives Thomas powers that belong to him as the heir to something special. (Trying not to give spoilers here)

I did enjoy this. I think it would be a great read for those who loved the Harry Potter series. I think young boys and girls too would like this book.
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