Tuesday, June 21, 2011

E books. What are your thoughts?

I don't have a nook, kindle, or other, but I do have an ipod touch that I was able to download the nook and kindle apps for free. Since doing that, I've tried out a couple of ebooks just to see if I like reading them on the ipod vs the actual book in my hands.

Verdict? So far, I'd have to say I still prefer the book, because my kids aren't asking for a turn on the book, but they do ask for a turn on the ipod. Plus, a book, I can borrow from the library, (but honestly, I don't make it to the library very often, and I've heard you can borrow ebooks from libraries now).

However, you can find lots of ebooks for relatively cheep. 99 cents for a few hours of vacation from your mundane life can't be beat. You don't have the physical book to find a place for on your shelves.

Of course there are more reasons than the ones I've given, but I think a book, in any form is a good thing. Reading is awesome.

I'm sure I'll be reading more books in both formats, but if the book is so outstanding I want it for a second read, then I'd probably do it in actual book form.

Speaking of ebooks. I'll be doing a contest for a free ebook, so check back for details and let your friends know so they can follow me too.



  1. I love ebooks mostly because of the price. I also love the library. I've also been thinking about doing Audible.com because I'm so busy it's just easier to do audio books.
    I find myself buying a lot more books because of e-readers. In the past I would normally only buy a book if I had read it before and knew I loved it. But now that I can download a sample, making the choice to buy is a lot easier.

  2. I love that I can buy ebooks for free. However, there are a few ebooks that after the first free book- I have gone to the library and read the series verses paying for it. Love the light-up mode. Love the quick access to scriptures and other apps from the E-book for portability. However, I still study with the old paper version. Some e-books are a complete waste of time even if they are free, others I have loved. Can I just sit on the fence with this?

  3. I like reading on my iPod... I especially like the Gospel Library on the iPod, but I feel like I am cheating in Sunday School as I follow along in the book (on the iPod) and link to the scriptures. There is no challenge... TBW