Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why don't you want to read an unfinished story???

When I first started writing, it was mostly for fun. I wanted to see where the idea I started with could go. As I got more and more into it, I had delusions of grandeur thinking that of course as soon as I finished it, I'd just have to send it to an editor and they would immediately want to publish it. Then I could start work on the story that would follow it. (That isn't how it works BTW)
As I was working on it, I had my husband read it. I talked it over with my sister and begged her to read my newest chapters and give me feedback.
They were both helpful, but my husband would get a little irritated when I'd ask him to read what I had just written. At first, I was bothered that he wasn't begging to read my newest sentences and tell me how wonderful they were. Because of course they were all wonderful.
When he explained that he didn't like reading what I wrote because I hadn't gotten any further than that most brilliant of paragraphs I had just stopped writing to show him. He wanted a finished product. He wanted to know what happened next.
It never dawned of me that that would be an issue. I of course knew what I wanted to happen next and we had even discussed different ways for that to happen, I didn't have a problem with the rest of the story not written down. It was always available to me.
I wouldn't want to start reading a book and only have part of it there. I suppose it is even more irritating than when you finish a book in a series and have to wait for the next in the series to be released.
So this time around, I've been working on my next project and have asked my sister some questions about where I could go with my idea, but I promise not to be too pushy in asking for feedback as I'm going. (Unless of course they want to read my genius words.)

And speaking of series. Here are a few of my favorites (in no particular order) that I had a hard time waiting patiently for the next installment.
Harry Potter, The Wheel of Time, Twilight saga, Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series, Fablehaven....
What are some of yours?

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