Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My first attempts at blogging!

Nine months ago, I started a writing course trying to get some writing experience, and some credits to renew my teaching license. I let it expire while I was raising my 4 children. (Currently ranging in age from 20 months to almost 8.) One of my first assignments just kept going and going and eventually a Young Adult science fiction story of approximately 81,000 words just appeared.

I couldn't believe how much I LOVED writing. I would write late into the night. Avoid doing housework until I had a block that I couldn't write through. Many times I would be washing dishes at the sink and I'd get a great idea for something in the story, or some great dialogue to move the story forward. I couldn't wait to get done with the dishes. (I never left them undone once I started, cause I didn't want to come back to a sink full of cold dirty water.)

After 6 months of writing, I finished my book and eagerly looked into getting it published.

What did I discover? Writing is easy. Editing, revising, changing, cutting, and revising again is hard. Looking for an agent to be interested enough to want to represent you and contact an editor (Who seem to be only interested in listening to an agent who is interested in your book) is also hard.

So I'll be blogging about my journey from idea to published (Hopefully sooner rather than later, but someday I will be.)


  1. Welcome to the bloggin' world. I have been doing it since we move to West Virginia... I sure enjoy when pleople leave a message to let me know that they have read what I wrote.

    This book adventure sounds awesome. I am excited to follow your journey. I hope you are able to make it happen.

  2. I know you can do it! Your story rocks and one day everything will click for you. Good luck sis! and I will keep my eyes and ears open for an agent :o)

  3. cool--I love to read. Good luck. Aunt Lila