Wednesday, October 22, 2014

WonHundred Word Wednesday

It really is fun to come up with really short stories. I know some of the time they feel like they have closure, but most of the time they are just a quick teaser, or opening to tons of possibilities. 

October 22nd: As she searched, her movements were frantic

She’d been over the room a dozen times, but the key was still missing.
She closed her eyes, trying to visualize where she had last seen it. She’d removed the chain from her neck to meet with him. He would have known instantly what it was.
If she didn’t find it soon, she’d never get the lock opened and the trap couldn’t be set. Too many people were counting on her. She couldn’t fail.
A sparkle of light in the corner caught her attention.

The key dangled from the silver chain hanging from his bony finger. She was too late.

And from a week I missed this summer:  September 3rd: The fire was getting closer

The fire was getting closer and I smiled. It would save me. Break me free of this prison. I ignored the manacles around my bony wrist. If I tried hard, I could probably slip them off, but I still couldn’t fit through the bars on the window.
The guards hollered at each other to open the cells, but as the thick smoke filled the air, I knew my freedom from these chains would be different than what I’d first hoped.
It didn’t matter.
In the next life I would make things better. I wouldn’t fall victim to him ever again.

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  1. I love the fire one. You can imagine how horrible her existence is if she's willing to escape it by a fiery death. Also the tease at the end about a mysterious him is intriguing.

    I love how the key is dangling from his skeletal finger at the end of the other. It gives you just a glimpse of what she is up against.