Wednesday, October 8, 2014

WonHundred Word Wednesday

It's been a while since I posted. And instead of giving up, I'm catching up. So I'll be adding a prompt from the past to each coming prompt.  

This week's prompt was There was nothing left of the money except:  

There was nothing left of the money except enough to buy a ticket home. He would cherish this trip for the rest of his life.
As he approached the desk to buy his ticket, he heard a woman sobbing as she stepped away. She took her daughter’s hand and looked at the small wad of cash in her hand. “We don’t have enough to get there,” she whispered to the child.
“Excuse me,” he said. “How much are you short?”
She answered and he knew exactly what to do with the last of his money.

Besides, he liked this place.

And this prompt was for the date: August 20th: He had waited twenty years to return it

It lay on his night stand, mocking him. Twenty years had gone in a flash, yet he looked at the source of his constant shame and closed his eyes. A slow, steady breath later, and he was determined to act.
He slipped it into a dark bag.
No one had to know. He could sneak in. He could do this.
He nodded at the woman inside the building, sitting at the counter. He worked his way to the back shelves and pulled the book from the bag.
As it slid home between two other authors, he finally felt at peace. 

I know there are a handful like me who have run out of minutes in the day to work on these prompts, but check out the links below and see who you can find. 

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  1. I really felt instantly inside the characters, you do a lot with 100 words!