Wednesday, July 16, 2014

WonHundred Word Wednesday

These sure give me a lot to think about. It's fun to see where my mind leads me with the different prompts. This was inspired by the account I was told of my Grandparents. 

It was time, she’d fought against it for so long

It was time, she’d fought against it for so long, but now she found herself staring death in the eye. Leland had put up a valiant fight against cancer, but he was finished.
She held his hand and rested her head against his.
“I can see children at the end of the bed,” he said.
“Do you know them,” she asked.
He nodded weakly, then frowned. “They’re leaving.”
“Do you want to go with them?” she asked gently.
“Yes,” he sighed.

“Then go have fun. I’ll see you again soon.” She kissed her husband of fifty-six years one last time. 

Now go see what the others did. 

Wendy Knight, Author:

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Alison Woods (Peering Into. . .):

Jessica Winn, The Distracted Writer:


  1. Oh mercy, that made me tear up. What a tender moment!

  2. A very sad moment captured beautifully.