Wednesday, July 2, 2014

WonHundred Word Wednesday

And here we are again. Another Wednesday, another prompt.  The rules of the game are to take a writing prompt and write 100 words. Simple, right.  Some days yes, some days no. Either way, it sure is a great way to exercise my writing muscles. 

The PROMPT:   She had to find the necklace before...

She had to find the necklace before Granny noticed it missing. The wooden jewelry box held odd costume jewelry, but that one necklace was obviously special.
Granny stroked the bright blue stone so often, Robin thought it had to be something magical.
She’d slipped it over her head, letting the heavy stone hang between her barely-there cleavage. It felt so natural, Robin forgot about it and went about her chores when Pa called her.
Now it was gone. Probably lost in the barn where she’d been mucking out stalls.

Finding the sapphire in the blue dragon manure wouldn’t be easy.

Now go see what the others have done. Give extra love to anyone who included a dragon. ;) 

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  1. Love the dragon details! Very creative and a great story!

  2. Love the blue stone and blue dragon match.

  3. Dragons make everything better! I adore the way the last line makes the magic of it all more real.

  4. Love it! (and the dragon touch was excellent.)

  5. Ahaha! I love how the manure was blue. Nice little twist.