Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Managing the time I have.

Now that kids are back in school, and the baby is getting on a routine of sorts, I figured I needed to get myself into a routine as well.

Being a stay at home mom, and attempting to write novels makes for an interesting life. I still have to maintain my home, (though some days I do better than others) and I have to take care of my children, providing for their physical, emotional, and spiritual welfare. Yet to be a writer, they tell you to read lots (Something I'm very willing to do) and you need to be consistent in the time you write, (writing every day for some people) But with only so many hours in the day, and many of those occupied by a newborn that doesn't care if I want to spend some time writing since the muse is with me, it gets kind of hard to get much writing done.

I've decided that I need to come up with some realistic goals. As I've thought of them, I've come to some realizations:
#1. Remember that writing is fun and could be something important to me, but my family needs to come first.
#2. Realize that the house needs to be clean enough to live in, but I don't have to pass a white glove exam, and if anyone thinks I need to then shame on them.
#3. Even though writing isn't the MOST important thing, it is still important to have some ME time, and if writing makes me happiest, then the dishes can sit in the sink for a while.
#4. Facebook, and Email are helpful and useful to a writer,(and a mom starved for adult interaction), but they sure are time suckers.
#5. The goal of writing at least 500 words is easily doable even if I only have 30 minutes to spare so shut off FB and Email.
#6. Keep in touch with other writers who are in the same boat, and try to rub shoulders with those who have survived and conquered.
#7. Blogging about the journey is fun and should be done at least weekly.

So after all those realizations, here are my goals:

*spend at least 30 min a day writing, and do lots more if I have the time for it.
*spend at least 30 min a day tidying up, and make the kids do the rest. ;)
*spend at least 30 min a day checking Email and FB, but after that, leave them alone for at least six hours, then you can recheck it. (you know what I'm thinking, you have to go back and see if anyone "liked" your post, or if they've left you a comment)
*read at least 1 book a week to keep up with what is out there, and see how others did it.

So to you out there, how do you organize your time to get it all done?


  1. Very nice Sister Bastian. I also completely understand the lack of adult interaction. Bro Beckstrom

  2. I like your goals. They seam like realistic goals and ones that can be reached.

  3. ooooh, I wish I could read a book a week!
    and I should really try the 'check my FB/email & leave it alone for 6hours' thing...
    such. a. waste. of. time. even when I just spend a minute there/a minute here... it really adds up.

  4. What an excellent post, Laura!! I might just have to copy some of your ideas... 30 minutes a day sounds like something I could manage...

  5. I think so many of us can relate to this!! :D Good luck with your goals, I know you can do it!