Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Writers need other writers.

So I got to go to a writers conference last weekend. It was very good.

There were classes on all kinds of things relating to writing. Some were about the mechanics, plot, character development, conflict, and so on. Others were about blogging, (which I missed since I unfortunately couldn't be in two places at once). Some were about adding romance to your story, some were about how to get published. Some were about how to write the perfect villain, and believe me that was a fun class. There were panels from actual agents and editors who answered questions about what will get your manuscript out of the slush pile, and what will be thrown away before they even get past the first page.

The thing that amazed me the most about all the conferences for writers I've been to is that writers are normal people. Even the best selling ones. They are kind and want others to succeed so are very willing to share the tricks of the trade. They cheer for you in your successes, and also help you move past your failures, since they've been there too.

I really think every writer needs to have other writers to be their friends, mentors, supports, and even their critics. No one knows a writer like another writer. Family and friends are definitely important, but a writer needs more writers to associate with. I'm so glad I'm starting to meet more of them.


ps. here is a link to another writers blog who interviewed one of the presenters. Check it out here.

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