Tuesday, March 8, 2011

In which you'll learn about my personality from my TV shows

I just wanted to share a little bit about me and what I'm like by telling you some of my favorite TV shows.

I love Psych. I'm watching it on netflix, episode after episode when I have free time. (And even when I don't) I love how Shawn and Gus have such a fun friendship and solve all kinds of quirky crimes and murders.

I love Bones. About a forensic scientist who helps the FBI solve murders when all that is available to the crime is bones. Dr Brennan makes me laugh at how she's so logical, and all things of common sense go over her head, but over the years she's become more human thanks to Agent Booth.

Castle is another favorite. Castle is a crime novelist who shadowed a New York City detective and has developed a crush on her. She was the basis for his latest heroine. Castle ends up bringing some help to the force since he looks at crimes in a different way since he writes in the minds of the bad guys.

(though I like these shows, I am in no way capable of writing about crime or solving murders or anything, but it sure is fun to watch.)

And on to other shows. I love Phineas and Ferb. It's a cartoon on the Disney Channel about 2 step brothers who have a pet platapus, (Who happens to be a secret agent that fights against the Evil Dr. Dufensmirtz) and the brothers come up with all kinds of things to keep them occupied during the long summer days and really annoy their older sister with their antics since they so such outrageous things, but never get caught by their parents.
These shows are currently not showing, but can't wait to find them on hulu again: Warehouse 13, and Eureka. Hope they come back soon.
Some more I enjoy occasionally: Lie to Me. Monk. .. but don't want to go on and on.

Now I'm curious to know what you like to watch. And what fantastic shows out there am I missing???


  1. I like many of same shows! I LOVE "Psych". It's a must-watch with my boys. I also love "Castle" and I have enjoyed "Phineas and Ferb" when the kids watched them.

    "The Middle" is far and away the BEST comedy on TV. It's not on Hulu, but Season 1 is on Netflix. It's in its second season right now on ABC on Wednesdays at 7:00. It is fantastic, and very clean.

    I sometimes watch "White Collar", which is fairly clean and I like the characters, and I love "The Office", but it's not always clean, so I hesitate to recommend it.

    Funny that my comment became about the cleanliness of shows-- I have been painfully chewed out by a friend in the past for recommending a film that she found offensive, so I hesitate to recommend ANYTHING anymore. :) But, those are the shows I love to watch. I also liked "The Glades" last year, but it had some adult moments... I like comedies and comedic dramas (like Castle). What does that say about my personality, I wonder??

  2. I love "Bones" and "Psych", also! :D My favorites. ;) I also love "Community" and "30 Rock". "Phineas and Ferb" is hilarious! :D

  3. Monk - a total favorite. Castle, love. House, love. Psych - love. Chuck, love.

  4. I just have one thing to say...

    S.I.M.P. !!!