Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Who gets motion sick?

We went to Lagoon yesterday, and I've realized I'm getting old.

I used to be able to ride each ride, multiple times without ever getting motion sick at all. This time, I didn't get sick on the rides, but did feel like I got a bit of whip lash a couple of times, and when I got in bed that night, I started to feel sick from the remembered motions. My brain just couldn't cope I guess. Lucky for me I was so exhausted I fell asleep within 10 minutes instead of the 30 to 40 it usually takes me.
How bad is that when you get motion sick lying in your own bed? (it's not a water bed by the way)

I haven't been for about nine years, because my kids were always too little, but we tried it with 4 kids ranging in age of 2 years to 8 years. It was a lot of fun, and the kids had a blast. They've really improved their options for young kids. Even the parents can ride on some of those rides too. I begged my fabulous sister to come with and to be another adult so we could take turns going and riding the big people rides, while one adult stayed with the kids.

It was a lot of fun, and now that I'm home the day after, I have a head ache, sore muscles in my neck and a tiny bit of motion sickness. I feel embarrassed to admit that, but it's true.
And we are gonna try to bounce back in a few days. Maybe I'll come home and sleep soundly, but I doubt it. I'll be motion sick again, once I lay down on my king size bed.

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