Monday, August 16, 2010

Learning as I go.


I'm getting so tired of going over and over and over my story. Isn't it done yet? I've revised it many times, and still find little mistakes here and there. It is helping to read through it out loud and see how the sentences flow.

I'm seriously considering paying someone to do a massive critique edit. Make sure it is a great as it can be. It's not bad, but it's not perfect yet.

I still have other stories running around through my head, but until I can get this one where I want it to be, I've put the other ones on hold.
I've also been having fun doing "research" by reading other stories in my genre and age range. It is amazing how many authors can write so many books and do such a good job on them. This first one of mine has been fun, but very difficult as I have learned all the things I've done wrong and had to correct them. Hopefully as I improve in my craft, the following stories won't take as long to do. Hope I learn from my mistakes and avoid the same types of things in the future.

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