Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Flash fiction

I've missed doing the 100 word Wednesdays for quite some time.

life got busy, and I got lazy, but now I've played with another.

The prompt was

She felt for the lock in the dark.

Sometimes I wonder where my mind wanders off to and what I'll find if I explore that.  Tonight I wrote this at 11pm and apparently I'm in a lost mood.

She felt for the lock in the dark. Her swollen fingers struggled to keep hold of the key. When she finally managed to push the key home, she didn’t have the strength to turn it.
It was just as well.
She didn’t want to see what was in the house anyway.
She left the key in the door and leaned her back against the door, sliding down against the rough wood until her butt hit the concrete step.
No one had thought her capable of surviving. At times she had wondered herself. But now she was here.

She’d shown them. 

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