Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Two WonHundred words Wednesday

WonHundred Word Wednesday turned into a two-fer.  I was on vacation last week and missed the post, but I can't help myself, I wanted to make sure I wrote one for all of the prompts. So this week's first, then last weeks last.  Hope you will humor me and check em both out. ;)

Reluctantly he handed over the key.

He looked into my eyes. His own brimmed with tears.
“Are you sure?” I asked.
He swallowed and nearly shook his head. His right hand clenched tight enough his knuckles turned white.
“As much as I wish it wasn’t this way, I can’t keep pretending any longer.” He looked down at his fist.
I longed to reach up and wipe away the tear that had escaped. He wouldn’t appreciate that though.
He took a slow breath and opened his hand, revealing a skeleton key. “You are now the only thing keeping the world from a slow painful death.”

No pressure.

My heart pounded wildly

I’d run as far as I could and still didn’t know if I would live another moment. The sounds of pursuit were gone, but the cold chill running down my spine had intensified. My heart pounded wildly as I gasped for air.
I leaned against the brick wall, hands splayed against the roughness, ready to bolt the second I saw signs of danger.
But would I actually see it?
If only I had listened to my mother when she told me not to open that old wardrobe. Whoever said it was the entrance to Narnia must have been high.

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  1. Loved them both but this line in the 2nd one made me laugh
    "Whoever said it was the entrance to Narnia must have been high.

  2. Surprise--I totally thought the first one was going a different direction. Great!

  3. Great job! I too thought the first one was going in a totally different direction. I loved the last lines of both, well the last two lines of the second one, so fun!

  4. Ah the surprise endings. They were very well done and yes, being mislead about what something like that was would at least deserve a jerk.

  5. Very interesting. I want to know more about that key!