Tuesday, November 8, 2011

An Author Interview with C. K. Bryant

I had a chance to do an interview with Author C. K. Bryant. Author of Bound. To see my review of her book either explore my blog and check out the previous post, OR GO HERE. You can also click on the little button to the side about Dark C.A.R.M.A. Check it out.

Me: How do you pick the names for the characters in your book?

C.K. Bryant: It's so cliche, but this story started as a very vivid dream. Lydia and Octavion were in the dream, as was Toran, so their names came easily. As for Kira, her character was my friend, Kris, in the dream. I let her pick the name and I really liked it. As for Altaria, well. Here's a little trivia for my fans out there. Her original name was Alvataria, but I had so many people say it was too hard to pronounce, including the publisher I originally had a contract with. So I shortened it to Altaria. Even though I lost the contract, I kept that version of her name. I think it suits her. Shandira was a version of Shandra, a good friend of mine. She so wanted to be the antagonist in my book, so I added the "i" and a villain was born. Unfortunately, she passed away before getting to read it. The other names I found through searches online. Names have to resonate with me. They have to truly fit the character's personality.

Me: Do you draw on real life experiences you’ve had and incorporate them into your story?

C.K. Bryant: Sometimes. I think it depends on the situation. For the most part I draw on my crazy imagination. You'd be amazed at the places my warped mind has been.

Me: Have you ever made yourself cry or laugh out loud as you’ve read your work, or while in the process of writing it? How about uncontrolled giggling?

C.K. Bryant: Absolutely! If my writing doesn't move me when I create it, how can I hope to move my target audience. I like to call it my ZONE. It's when I have no idea what's going on around me and I'm totally into what's happening in my book. I think the scene I laughed the hardest was when Kira was shooting her bow. I love that scene. I giggled when she lost her apple. And I totally cried my eyes out at the end when Octavion . . . OOPS! I guess I shouldn't give that part away.

Me: What is the hardest part about coming up with a story line?

C.K. Bryant: Nothing. Seriously. I have so many ideas in my head that I have a hard time settling on one. The hardest part for me is getting the creative half of my brain to shut down at night so I can sleep. I keep a notebook by my bed so I can jot things down if my muse wakes me in the middle of the night. She's pretty insistent on getting her way.

Me: What is your favorite fruit?

C.K. Bryant: ROFL!! Great question. And totally caught me off guard. Hmmm. Let me think. I love all kinds of fruit, but I think I'd have to pick the apple as my favorite. I love sliced apples dipped in caramel. Also like apple pie and apple sauce and . . . you get the idea. Oh great, now I'm hungry.

Me: What is the most painful experience you’ve had as an author? Massive paper cuts from opening a pack of printer paper? Printers that have fallen off the desk and onto your toes? Writers cramp in all fingers except the pinky as you’ve torn through a story?

C.K. Bryant: So you're talking physical pain, not emotional? I guess it would have to be when I participated in a writing marathon with some writing buddies of mine. We were supposed to write from noon to midnight (12 hours) and the plan was to take scheduled breaks every so often. But I was stupid and pushed through so I'd get more done. About 8:00pm my back was on fire. I tried everything. I ended up having to take a 30 minute power nap and put ice on my back along with pillows to brace me up when I got back to writing. I made it to midnight, but barely. Took me a couple days to recover from that one. But I had fun and got a lot of writing done.

Me: What is something you’d like future readers to know about you?

C.K. Bryant: Ha! I have a whole list of things I DON'T want them to know about me.

Let's see. I guess it would have to be that I'm very approachable. I never want to be one of those authors who let their success go to their head and refuses to mingle with their fans. I love making friends and can't wait to meet new people who have enjoyed reading my books.

Hey, thanks for letting me hang out on your blog today. I've had a blast answering your questions and getting to know you better.



  1. Thanks for having me on your blog today. It was fun answering all your questions. You're the best.

  2. I loved when Christine said that we'd be amazed at where her warped mind has been. That made me laugh. :) Super fun interview ~ thank you!