Friday, February 4, 2011

Soaring with the Eagles.

Tonight my husband brought home five huge stacks of paper for work that looked a lot like a printed manuscript my kids have seen since they are in the same kind of folders. My son said to me when he saw them sitting on the table "WOW Mom, you've written a lot of books."

I smiled, actually I grinned, ear to ear wishing it was true.

When I explained they were for Dad's work he nodded his head, and said, "Well, they look a lot like your books. Some day you could write that many."

To which my daughter said, "Yeah Mom, you write a lot and are working hard on your dream. It's like you don't want to be hanging around with the chickens and you want to soar with the eagles."

Oh, the wisdom of youth. I'm excited again for the ideas I have since I know my kids are routing for me. They think it's pretty cool that I'm working on my dream and I am going to do what I can to show them hard work and perseverance can make good things happen.

Thanks kids.

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