Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm in one of those slumps again, where I just can't bring myself to write what I should. Instead, while I'm on the computer, I check my blog, check other writer's blogs, check email, watch hulu, or check Facebook. I really think I need to ground myself from the internet during my writing time. That is what I will do today. Once I'm done with this, I'll shut down the internet and write. Then I'll be so proud of getting something done with my computer time. It will be writing time.

The thing I'm struggling with now is that I've received some awesome feedback from some critique group readers that has really opened my eyes to what is wrong with my writing. I'm not a bad writer, but I'm not a great writer, YET! I will get there through hard work, and lots of revisions. I kind of want to take a vacation from my real life, and just go somewhere with no distractions to be able to focus on my work. I know that will not happen, and if I ever want to get my book ready to be published, I've sure got to do the work, around the other things that happen in my real life. I doubt any author out there is able to close themselves away from the real world to write. At least not for very long.

Gonna make a goal to get some real writing done every day. I WILL SUCCEED!

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